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NCBJ in Hannover: not only CANIS and SMOC

NCBJ is taking part in development of J-PET scanner presented within the SciTech Poland exposition organized at the Hannover Messe 2017 fair: we have developed some image reconstruction algorithms. Besides, Świerk supercomputer has simulated operation of detectors employed in the scanner and is used to store/compute the acquired data. ----

CANIS and SMOC at the Hannover fair

Hannover Messe, the world largest industrial fair, was held between April 24 and April 28, 2017. NCBJ was among several Polish companies and research institutions that brought with them some innovative solutions. Two systems presented by NCBJ included CANIS, a large-size cargo scanner, and SMOC, a mobile industrial radiography device. ----

Particle accelerator for the European XFEL laser commissioned

DESY and European XFEL GmbH company have jointly announced that commissioning of a superconducting accelerator that is to feed the European XFEL laser has just been concluded in research centre in Hamburg. The team that built the accelerator included scientists and technicians from Poland. NCBJ is a partner in the project. ----

Trap, currents, rays in the Paths of Physics contest 2017 edition

Katarzyna Prus, Filip Olechowski, Jakub Żurek
The level of the 12th finals of the Paths of Physics contest organized jointly by NCBJ and Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Physics in Warsaw was exceptionally high. The winners received their prizes during a ceremony held on the Copernicus Science Centre premises in Warsaw on Sunday April 2, 2017. The top winners were rewarded with minicomputers funded by the Format company, a contest sponsor. ----

NCBJ has presented an innovative medical accelerator

Malignant cells that might be left over in patient’s body after surgery of a tumour may be effectively destroyed just during the surgery. IntraLine, a new electron accelerator dedicated to such intra-operative treatment, was presented to oncology physicians who attended a conference organized in NCBJ Świerk on the occasion of conclusion of the INTRA-DOSE project. ----