Reactor Research & Technologies Division (EJ3)

Contact Data

Buiding R2A 
05-400 Otwock (Świerk)
phone/fax +48 22 27 31 091

Division Head

Eng. Janusz Piąstka, MSc


  • Reactor Analyses & Measurements Team
  • Reactor Technology Team
  • Designers Team
  • Technical Team
  • Workshop


Division's mission is to support regular operations of the MARIA reactor by means of:

  • safety analyses
  • heat/flow analyses
  • design & workshop documentation for repair/overhaul/modernization works to be carried out at the reactor
  • design & workshop documentation for new devices/technological systems to be installed for production/research
  • production of the to-be-installed devices/technological systems on the basis of a documentation worked out in-house of by another authorized design office
  • reactor parameter measurements, including in-core measurements
  • spent fuel management
  • repair/overhaul of reactor devices/technological systems
  • specifying technical conditions for ordered materials/equipment
  • technical warehouse management
  • archnive management.

The PROJWiNOJ Quality Assurance System is implemented in the Division.